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Granule Solo®
one of the fastest utensil washers in the UK

...and the latest addition to the GRANULDISK® family of commercial dishwashers

No Pre-washing

From dirty to clean in just 3 minutes

No soaking, no scrubbing
Pots and pans are scoured clean using Granules, water and a tiny amount of detergent and returned to the kitchen in a matter of minutes.
See how easy it is to use Granule Solo®.

More reasons for choosing Granule Solo®

Chef in front of Granule Solo machine

See Granule Solo® in action by booking a free Live Wash™ demonstration.

Go to our Book a Live Wash page

Take a few minutes to fill out our form and you will be able to book your own personal and free Live Wash demonstration.

Planning a kitchen? Download 2D CAD blocks, view technical information and installation drawings here.

You are welcome to visit one of our stands at exhibitions around the globe for a closer look at Granule Solo®

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